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13 Oct 2023

It seems everyone has a cold at the moment, including myself, as I sit here writing this blowing my nose, coughing and taking a million tablets…

So I thought I’d give some advice to help prevent and aid recovering quicker to get you back fighting fit and an excuse to eat chocolate.

Let’s start with training…

Should you train? Should you not train? 

Is it an excuse not to train?

There’s no wrong or right answer here. 

If you feel up to training and symptoms are not too bad then light training will not hurt and may even help you to feel better. 

I would say that with symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat and a slight cough, light training would be fine. 

Anything below the head for example chesty cough, fever and aching body, lack of energy, sickness or diarrhoea, it would be counter-productive to train. 

Your body is already working hard to try and fight off this cold or virus the last thing it needs is the added stress of a workout as well. 

So listen to your body, you know yourself whether you should or even can train. And don’t worry a week off the gym won’t see you put on a stone or lose or your hard gained muscle, your body will thank you for it and come back even stronger.

Right, so that’s training but what about nutrition, what’s the point in eating healthy iI hear you say. 

I can’t train plus I’m ill, I can just eat what Ii want right?


Just because you’re ill doesn’t mean everything has to stop, in fact, if you can eat healthily it will prevent from the start and whilst your ill actually help speed up the recovery process. 

Let’s look at how:

The digestive system contains over 70% of our immunity. 

Starting with the saliva that contains antimicrobials, moving down where hydrochloric acid breaks down germs before they reach the intestines. 

Then proteins and other chemicals help fight any remaining bacteria plus our own healthy bacteria protects us too! 

So as you can see its really important to help our bodies by eating healthy and providing our body with more nutrients…

Ther’s just one problem…

When you’re ill, you absorb fewer nutrients meaning a demand for more nutrients is required!! 

So no, it’s not an excuse to eat whatever you feel like, especially if you want to get back to what you love ASAP.

So feed a cold starve a fever TRUE OR FALSE?

Well it hasn’t actually been scientifically proven and there is not enough research to suggest that these are true or false so how much should we eat? 

Back to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, if you’re hungry, then eat. If not, don’t. 

If it is sickness and or diarrhoea, it may actually make it worse, but it is important to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. 

Here you will need to drink plenty of water (this should be in all cases whether ill or healthy) and try a rehydration solution to help with dehydration.

Here’re my top foods to help speed up recovery:

Garlic – Acts as an antibiotic and could help lessen the severity of colds and other infections.

Honey – Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, also an effective cough suppressant.

Green tea – Boosts B cell antibodies (fight off infection) and helps rid body of invading pathogens (bacteria)

Fish (omega 3) – Helps reduce inflammation which can stop your immune system from working properly.

Chicken soup – replace lost fluids and electrolytes, provide anti-inflammatory nutrients that decrease symptoms

Blueberries – full of antioxidants to boost immune system

Dark chocolate – Whoaaaa there! The whole bar!? 70% or higher has more antioxidants than most berries and is packed with zinc. Stick to a square a day to avoid too much-saturated fats and sugars.

Top tips if you’re already sick:

Drink lots of fluids – replacing lost fluids is essential especially if the virus is sickness and or diarrhoea.

Rest and recover – listen to your body here, it’s working hard to help fight this nasty cold of virus off.

Feed a cold starve a fever – not so eat if your hungry if not don’t!

Focus on immune boosting foods – eating plenty of nutrient dense food will help speed up recovery.

Pre and probiotics – This should be done before and doses upped when you are ill

That’s it folks – I hope these tips help you make a speedy recovery.  

So if you fancy investing in a better body from the inside out, feeling better, looking better, having more energy, sleeping better, improving sporting performance, losing weight and the list goes on.

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